The Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) is a community of high-level influential speakers,

transformational thought leaders, conscious business leaders, television personalities,

bestselling authors, radio hosts and others with a broad, diverse audience

who elicit positive change in the world.


The Evolutionary Business Council is a community of positive change thought leaders and emerging thought-leaders. Our Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) membership is distinguished by those who are well established thought leaders who typically have a influential reach of more than 10,000.

The EBC is for you if:

  • You’re a thought-leader, dealing in new ideas

  • You’re dealing with influence

  • You’re dedicated to collaboration

  • You’re dedicated to your own self improvement in a collaborative environment that fosters profound transformation.

Incredible benefits you get when you join the EBC:

1. Featured Listing

Your profile will be prominently displayed in the EBC directory on BOTH our app and website. We showcase your unique modality and expertise to the world.

2. Access to Deep Dive Events:

Three immersive gatherings each year – one focuses on igniting your vision, another on the future of leadership and technology, and the last on personal growth. These events are designed to catapult your leadership skills and make deeper connections with other transformational leaders.

3. EBC Annual Retreat:

Your guaranteed seat deposit ticket to the annual EBC retreat, a transformational experience you won't want to miss.

4. Local Ambassador Meetings:

Connect with EBC members in cities around the world and locally through informal gatherings, fostering relationships and partnerships that can change the game for your business.

5. Regular Member Calls:

Be part of the world wide community and come together virtually with the membership to foster your connection with other leaders.

6. Member Exclusive Gifts:

You will unlock access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of programs gifted by EBC Members.

7. Feature your Content:

Share your wisdom with the public and fellow members by contributing content to the app (and website), so you can further enhance your influence.

8. Speak at Deep Dives and Retreats:

Get the chance to share your insights on stage at our deep dive events and annual retreat. Your message can inspire and elevate others and grow your visibility.



Submit Your Application

We’d love to get you know you, learn more about your wonderful mission and how we can assist you on this journey! Please setup a short Q&A chat with one of our Membership Envoys. An existing member or envoy must sponsor your application to vouch that you are a fit for membership.

Your EBC investment is $297 US quarterly, $997 US annually



Board Member

Middlebro, Manitoba, Canada

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Calgay, Alberta, Canada

Board Member

Shanna Lee

Board Member

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Dr. Valerie Sheppard

Board Member

Trabuco Canyon, CA, USA

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